Fringe Team

Fringe Spa and Salon is proud to have Alberto, Magda, and Danielle on its team. Combined they have a work experience of 70+ years in the industry. You can be sure that our team will treat you with the highest respect and ensure that your salon/spa experience is like no other in Sarasota. Whether you choose Magda, Danielle, or Victoria, you can be sure that your hair is in good hands. our stylists are passionate about making sure that their customers leave feeling refreshed and looking fabulous.

Take a walk to the back of Fringe and you’ll meet Alberto, our professional masseuse. Alberto will guide you to our secluded and private Spa area so you can escape the daily ordeals of noise and distractions. Alberto will consult you on various topics such as work life and massage preferences to recommend a special massage suited just for you.

Fringe and its Team are dedicated to ensuring that your experience is like no other. Click on a team member to learn more or just come in and meet us!



Featured: K Fusion Treatment

The K Fusion Keratin treatment is the much talked about, less radical alternative to the Brazilian blow dry.
Whilst the Brazilian blow dry uses a combination of formaldehyde and keratin, K Fusion is free from formaldehyde and therefore is much gentler on the hair, and is also suitable for pregnant women and those who have undergone chemotherapy.
The treatment aims to smooth frizzy hair, making it feel softer and much more manageable without affecting the natural body of your hair; i.e. if you have curly hair it won’t rid the curls, only the pesky frizz that goes with them.